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At TheLifeCentre, we provide bariatric, cardiology and nutritional treatment. 

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Consult Our Dietitian

You will meet our dietitian for lifestyle and dietary modifications. Lifestyle changes are the initial and basic steps in all obese patients


Meet Our Cardiologist

In overweight and obese subjects, screening for coronary heart disease, symptoms and arrhythmias is recommended (exercise test) before a training program is established.


Consult the Bariatric Surgeon

When medical therapy and lifestyle modification fail or the individuals are morbidly obese despite medical adjuvant therapy, other measures to induce weight loss are recommended, such as bariatric surgery.

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Our dietitian will recommend dietary intervention and frequent physical activity for the prevention and treatment of overweight. You will need an adjustment of daily calorie intake with respect to energetic needs (known as negative energetic balance, mandatory. There are many types of calorie restriction patterns (low carbohydrate, low protein or low fat diets); their effects on cardiovascular risk are probably due to their effects on cardiovascular risk factors. Meet our dietitian to find out more.

Cardiology Treatment

Obesity leads to diseases like Type 2 Diabetes and Heart problems. You will undergo a guided program that helps you shed off excess and stubborn fats the safe way. Ranging from 3 to 12 months, you will be guided by a physician and a health coach. Possible outcomes include long-lasting healthy lifestyle habits or reduced dependence on medication. However, should there be an urgent need, you will be referred to undergo bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Surgery

There are currently 2 main techniques for inducing significant weight losses in severely obese patients: vertical banded gastroplasty and gastric bypass.

Both are effective and safe techniques for achieving and maintaining weight loss in patients with morbid obesity or severe obesity with comorbidities such as coronary heart disease or respiratory function impairment

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